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Fernando Escartiz: Celebrating a Renowned Sculptor in Redwood City, California

Fernando Escartiz is a talented artist who draws inspiration from his experiences and love for Mexican culture. He has been profoundly influenced by his good friend, the late Mexican sculptor Fernando Pereznieto. Fernando works with various mediums, including paint and sculpture. He has created large installations that reflect his obsessions, such as traveling and observing the world around him. According to Fernando, traveling exposes him to new textures, colors, forms, and emotions, which he later incorporates into his paintings and sculptures.
About ten years ago, Fernando founded Escartiz Studio, which relies heavily on the collective contributions of Artists, Volunteers and Friends. Their public work is an integral part of the studio's success, which has been serving the community for many years. Working closely with the community has led to a plethora of innovative ideas

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Gallery of Masterpieces

Feast your eyes on a gallery showcasing some of Fernando Escartiz's most celebrated sculptures. Each piece is a testament to his extraordinary craftsmanship and his ability to imbue emotion and meaning into every creation. These sculptures have found homes in private collections, public spaces, and art galleries around the world.


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